Registered joint-stock limited company(AG)

Registered joint-stock limited company(AG):

Shares of the company’s minimum registered capital of 50,000 euros, with the transfer of shares and can be traded on the stock exchange. But the establishment of the complicated procedures required notarized, the cost is relatively high. Founding shareholders need to prepare a report on the establishment of joint-stock companies, indicating the company set up the details, and the appointment of the first session of the Supervisory Board, then the Supervisory Board appointed by the first session of the Board, the Board of Supervisors to get notarization, and the shareholders of the Company shall be subject to the establishment of the report also Guo board of supervisors and management review, the Board is responsible for the company’s actual business operations, the Supervisory Board and the shareholders can not influence the board. When the company is registered in industrial and commercial bureau, the company considered formally established.