Permanent resident visa

Permanent residence benefits:

1. Preparation work without the employer is bound, without money often run Foreign Affairs Office to sign the extension, save time and effort and money.
2. If you apply for permanent residency, do not worry about suddenly unemployed, out of school or work, but want to convert have to worry about pressure visa expires.

EU permanent resident visa:

Reside in an EU country for five years (except the student residence outside), you can apply for EU permanent residence, and in this year can not leave the EU for six months in a row, the cumulative number of days shall not exceed ten months, to meet a condition next, whether it is holding the EU blue card, visa and legal staff who can apply EU visa for permanent residence.

The EU target for permanent residence

1. Long-term living in Europe, and there are close economic activity or the company’s business people in other EU countries.
2. Europe is dominated company to work this requires long-term life of the company’s staff.
3. The current long stay in Germany, the future may have moved to other EU member states plan business people.
4. To settle in some EU member states, but due to the harsh restrictions that country can not be through direct investment and access to business people.

German naturalization conditions:

From 1 January 2000, the German federal government under the new ‘naturalization laws’ regulations, foreigners who want to apply for naturalization must meet the following prerequisites:

Applicants have:

1. In the Federal Republic of Germany has a life, a residence permit to live.
2. have been resident in the Federal Republic of Germany consistently at least 8 years.
3. Do not rely on social assistance and unemployment benefits in the Federal Republic of Germany’s source of livelihood.
4. have a sufficient level of German.
5. No criminal record.
6. residence in Germany.
7. Acknowledges Federal Republic of Germany Basic Law.
8. agreed to quit now holds the original nationality.

For a foreigner living in Germany for many years, both already in line with the basic conditions for naturalization in Germany, it will not be automatically classified into German, there is no obligation to join the German. If a foreigner wants to continue living in Germany, with German and enjoy the same rights and obligations, to better integrate into German society, they must submit an application to join German on their own initiative, in order to become German. The new law on naturalization of children born in Germany with the new regulations:

From January 1, 2000, in the German-born children of foreigners from the date of birth automatically become German, prerequisites are:

1, the new-born child’s father or mother has one, has consistently resident in the Federal Republic of Germany at least 8 years.
2, the new-born child’s father or mother has one, has a permanent residence permit in Germany) or at least three years, has a long-term residence permit in Germany.

Despite this new provision automatically become German, but the new naturalization law has done is very logical. For example, I was born in Germany, but I do not want to be automatically become German, and continue my parent’s original nationality, it can not be forced to become German.

The new naturalization law adds additional provisions:

The new-born child at the time of a minor, has dual citizenship. When the adult children, between 18 to 23 years old, which has its own nationality after make a choice, choose one, you must exit the other, no longer have dual nationality.