European German Blue Card

The EU “blue card” program is drawing on the basis of a “green card” system on the US launch, in February 2012 authorized by this program, which is actually a work and residence permit in order to attract high-level technical personnel to the EU system, valid from 1 to 4 years and can be renewed varies. “Blue Card” program for skilled immigrants given many concessions, such as preferential access to family reunification visas, can enjoy the “blue card” issued by its citizens equal social security and working conditions.

Blue Card application basic conditions:

1.Germany can enter a valid work visa.

2.Proof of residence in Germany, the local, the best place to work with the same administrative region.

3.A valid passport.

4.Residence permit application form and photo.

5.Work contract, which shall specify the annual salary before tax (generally work as long as the annual salary of more than 46,400 euros; special work (scientists, engineers, doctors, IT … etc.) can be as long as more than 36,192 euros).

6.German university diploma. (Applicants only if other areas diploma, and the work does not belong to an emergency job openings, it still needs to review the priority review of employment and working conditions by native German Office.

7.EU Blue Card holder’s spouse, dependents when the visa application does not require proof of German language skills. Blue card holders children can apply for family reunification. We need to produce when applying the relevant proof that the couple can be a long-term resident in Germany and at least one parent holds a Blue Card residence, or blue card holders have custody of the children.